Schoolsonic Markbooks are packed with features. Here's a brief summary:

Enter Results as both Grades and Numbers

Our markbook can handle results entered as both grades and numbers. In fact, we can even handle grades and numbers entered for different students in the same assessment!!

Estimate Missing Marks

Until a result is entered for a student we estimate a mark for you, indicated by an asterisk(*). An asterisk also indicates if an estimated mark has been used in a calculation. If a student misses an assessment you decide whether they receive:

  • the average of all their assessments
  • the average of their assessments in that category only, or
  • a mark of zero

Use your own school's Grandbands

Create your school's GradeBand Set once only. Then apply it to any Markbook on your schoolsonic account.

Print out your Markbook

At the click of a button you can download a pdf of your markbook.
Perfect for report time or parent-teacher interviews.

Automatically Calculate Correctly Weighted Results

The only place results are entered is the white cells. Everything else is calculated automatically according to the relative assessment weightings which you set.

Different Assessment Categories

You can have as many assessment categories as you like. Schoolsonic Markbooks calculate the percentage and grade for each assessment category you create, no matter how many there are!

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